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Give your friends your referral code link and  you earn Canna Points to use for discounts . You will receive 400 Canna Points ($20) for every referral that purchases an order of $150 or more. They will receive a new member 1 time bonus of 1 free eighth of premium flower.

At Canna Essence Wellness Society, we value you as a member of our Wellness Society. Just as a thank you for joining us, our new members receive 1 eighth of their choice of premium bc bud as a signup bonus. This bonus can be used 1 time, anytime on orders over $100. 

  • Please  write product reviews on our site and earn 50 Canna points per product ($2.50) 
        (email us with the product name and your username)
  • Please review us on Weedmaps &   Google  you earn 200 Canna points per review ($10)
        (email us with the review link and your username)
  •  Please post about us  on GOOGLE+, Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook,  and earn $50 points ($2.50)
        (email us with the  link and your username)
  • It’s a great way to  help each other out .   Helps us get the word out and get discount points to use on future purchases.

    Thank you all so much!!!


Compassionate Cannabis for our members, there is a loyalty program in place, members can earn canna points whenever they purchase any items from our shop or help us get the word out. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in our shop.  For every 100 pts you can redeem for a $5 deduction.

There are also special sales, bonuses and surprise perks always happening. As we go along we will find other ways to be more compassionate to you our members.

We care about all who have served or is serving: Seniors, Veterans, Military, 1st Responders.

We value our seniors who have helped make our Canada, giving us the freedoms and care that we currently enjoy.

We try to make it easier for all including our acmpr medical patients to afford their medicine. 

For COMPASSIONATE CANNABIS CARE, please include your documentation  in a separate email after signing up. [email protected]

This is a 10% discount on any regular products  for you only.

Level Bonuses are calculated by the purchase price after ANY DISCOUNTS and BEFORE TAXES.