Review Requirements and Instructions

  • All Product reviews are required to be submitted within 7 days after receiving the product. This is to ensure accurate details of the reviewed products. 
  • You can only review a product that is in stock and only once.
  •  To have your review approved, it should include  the following points below
  •  Review spam without merit submitted solely for points may result in a site ban as they downgrade the integrity of other member reviews and is time consuming for us to deal with. At the very least, reviewer will be blocked from all future reviews. 

The Ideal Review

Before you write your cannabis strain review, one of the ideal things to do is to plan how you will approach this. If you start writing without being organized, it won’t come out the way you want it. For that reason, it is suggested that you start by writing down things in a notebook before typing anything online. Include all the details you want to capture. Decide the grading structure or scale. Choose between 1 to 5 and 1 to 10, depending on the results you desire. Be sure to remain consistent with similar information across a wide range of marijuana strains.  Even though, there is no definitive technique in writing a cannabis strain review, you should consider four basic principles, which includes:

The Appearance

The flower should have appearance that emulates its specific and expected attributes. It is not that you are trying to judge the book by its cover, but the appearance, in some cases, determines the quality of the cannabis strain. It is safe to say that the way how weed looks can result in the kind of experience one gets when it is consumed.

The Aroma

When you are writing a cannabis strain review, the smell of the weed does play an important part in what you include. Not everyone has the same perception and preference and so it might be difficult to define the aroma to suit some people. To evaluate the aroma, you have to hold the strain up to the nose, inhale it deeply and slowly, taking in its properties. There are some that smell much stronger. However, the bud with the strongest smell tends to be the most desirable.

The Flavor

Once you analyze the smell and appearance, now it is time to light your joint and take a flavor test. The flavor of the cannabis strain is one of the preferred ways of assessing it. You should focus your attention on the quality of the flavor so that when you write your cannabis strain review, you will be seen as being credible. That means as you inhale the weed, take special note of its flavor and do the same thing as you exhale.

The Effect

Last, but not least is the effect. What kind of way do you feel after you have inhaled and exhaled? This effect will determine how you write your cannabis strain review to describe the weed’s psychoactive properties. You may have to include the amount of THC level and talk about how you feel after smoking.