Raw THC Distillate 1 Gram Glass Jars by XO Extracts

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Dab, dab, dabs for you!!
Most  potent & smoothest form of THC.
Eat it, tincture it, smoke it, dab it, very versatile in little glass jars.

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Benefits of Using THC Distillate

Not only is distilled THC a very clean and pure extract, you can use it in almost any method you like, making it an extremely versatile medicine.

Clean Smoke

Thanks to having had all the impurities and chemicals removed, you’re left with a very clean smoke or vapour. Most of all this greatly improves it’s overall appeal to users who are adverse to harsh smoke.

Effective Immediately

Distillates effects are felt almost immediately after consumption. Due to having already had the THC activated, it will bring extremely quick results for patients who need fast acting medication.

Commonly Used by Medical Patients

Since the introduction of RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil ) high THC extracts are a proven method to incorporate high doses of cannabis to patients without having to smoke an entire tree a day. THC Distillate only requires a drop or 2 for it’s effects to be felt. Couple this with an almost immediate onset of effects, distillate is a perfect application for medical patients.

1 review for Raw THC Distillate 1 Gram Glass Jars by XO Extracts

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    MidnightHaze (verified owner)

    This is extremely potent and surprisingly smooth. Doesn’t take much to reach your ideal state so I would recommend taking it slow as it has more of a kick then other extracts. Similar to shatter but in a more viscous state with a different taste profile and potency level. Probably the smoothest form of concentrates you can get combined with its extremely high THC levels it’s hard to pass this up. If you like to dab, this is definitely something worth trying.

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