ORANGE CREAMSICLE (S) “Premium Distillate Terps” Vape Cart by XO Extracts

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Banana Kush “Premium Distillate Terps” Vape Cart by XO Extracts Details



Orange Creamsicle cannabis strain’s high is a mood climb that peaks with a mountain of happiness and ambition, followed up by a smack of calm lethargy.

Clean, strong, and tasteful, what more can we say when describing this wonderful product called Distillate. One of the cleanest form of THC extracted by the amazing experienced team, XO Extracts. Once made, the distillate is then put into empty vape cartridge to make it very easy and convenient to get medicated.

All our products are manufactured in British Columbia where the most of the highest quality marijuana comes from. XO Extractions has proven and bypassed the competition, to provide the best and finest quality concentrates across Canada. XO Extractions is getting so popular and is one of the most sought-after products in the marijuana industry. With the growing popularity, and more stores offering this product, it gives customers more accessibility. We have lab tested our products, the results are clear, we provide the highest THC in its category across the nation.

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