Gummies 225mg THC by Skunky’s Edibles


Delicious High THC Gummies
we are happy to be able to bring to you Skunky’s delicious High THC Gummies at an awesome price for 225 mgs THC
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Skunky’s High Content THC Gummies
(225mg THC per pack – Assorted Flavours)

Skunky’s Edibles are the tastiest THC gummies on the market. We started by tasting & testing a large variety of candy manufacturers products and some of our own proprietary recipes and blends.

Using THC Distillate as opposed to other oils and extracts we were able to remove the overpowering taste of Marijuana and create a product that all candy lovers will enjoy

All Our Delicious High THC Gummies are 12 Gummies x 18.75 mg THC per package (except Whacky Watermelon)

Whacky Watermelon (10 pieces x 22.5 mg THC)

Get them while in stock!!

Additional information

Weight500 g
THC Gummies ~ 225mg / Pack

Banging Berries, Bubbly Bubble Gum, Cherry Cola Fizz, Crazy Cola Fizz, Electric Raspberry Lemonade, Groovy Grapefruit, Silly Shit Mix, Wobble Worms, Whacky Watermelon

3 reviews for Gummies 225mg THC by Skunky’s Edibles

  1. hoogierize

    I tried the wobble worms and it was pretty fun. first off, they taste almost indistinguishable from regular gummy worms, so i would be careful about leaving them lying around.

    i decided that i was only going to eat a couple and play some videos games. what ended up happening is that they were so good I kept eating them without realizing! so I ate about 10 or so and I had a good buzz in around 45 minutes. at the 1.5-2 hr mark it really started to hit. great mellow high. was not too much for me. would recommend

  2. kaylat

    I ate half of the bag. i originally thought it wasn’t working so i ate the rest, that was a mistake lol. I ended up getting really high, and didn’t end up going out with my friends because i was couch locked.

  3. Adam (verified owner)

    These are effective. I have a high tolerance to the ganja at this point and if I have a pack of these with my usual smoke its QUITE nice, would not recommend taking these and going to social gatherings.

    Flavor reviews:

    Grapefruit: 8/10 very nice flavor, can barely taste thc
    Wobble worms: 7.5/10 can kind of taste the thc, not the best for people averse to that flavor
    Watermelon: 7/10… taste like stale watermelon candies but covers up thc taste nicely. I hate watermelon flavor but add a star if you’re into that I guess.

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