Girl Scout Cookies AAA+++ (IDH*)

(6 customer reviews)

Girl Scout Cookies AAA+++ (IDH*)

Nice Buds!! Potent

(6 customer reviews)

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 Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa     THC: 28%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

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6 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies AAA+++ (IDH*)

  1. bazbrad (verified owner)

    Strong weed good for a movie before bed!

  2. Shaunna Warren (verified owner)

    Nice smooth taste great for joints

  3. Jonathan Pion

    sweet and very nice, smooth buzz and sweet taste. Love it

  4. Oscar

    Great tasting bud, love it!

  5. MidnightHaze

    Another top strain that has many benefits. The aroma fills the room with sweet earthy notes which also appears in the flavor as well. A proven strain to help reduce stress, pain and depression along with increasing appetite. You can expect to find yourself over come with happiness, creativity, euphoria and an increase in energy. You can’t go wrong with this strain. Don’t hesitate to pick some up when you have the chance.

  6. Steve Stobbart (verified owner)

    Strong and smoother than other GSC I have tried. Found it better to smoke than vape as it seems to produce less vape than other strains in my cupboard

  7. Oscar (verified owner)

    Loved this strain, it was sweet and yet relaxing with euphoric buzz to it.
    Highly recommend it for day time and even night.

  8. pgc7000 (verified owner)

    Very tasty, with grape hues and a strong hitting high that is relaxing but with plenty of energy, not quite sativa energy but quite a euphoric boost while still keeping you in a state of alert relaxation.

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