Chocolate Chip Cookies High Content THC

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Chocolate Chip Cookies High Content THC


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(2 customer reviews)

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Skunky’s Edible Cookies

Skunky’s Edibles Chocolate Chip Cookies are tasty treats that pack a heck of a punch. They are made using THC Distillate infused batter and cooked to perfection. The end result is a temptation that can bite back. We urge great caution when enjoying our wonderful treats, just avoid the number one mistake, if you don’t feel it kick in yet, just wait, don’t eat more!!

Using THC Distillate as opposed to other oils and extracts we were able to remove the overpowering taste of Marijuana and create a product that all cookie lovers will enjoy.


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150 mg THC, 400 mg THC

2 reviews for Chocolate Chip Cookies High Content THC

  1. hoogierize

    2 friends and I ate this cookie together before going to the movie theaters, I started to feel light effects in around 30ish minutes. we all definitely were high about 1 hour in. High was good, made the movie very interesting and funny. I also fell asleep very easily later that night, giving me a good nights sleep.

  2. JLO

    Having Sleep Apnea and Chronic Back Pain I decided to try one of these cookies out to see if it can help me get some REM sleep. It took about 45 min to kick in than I had the most incredible sleep , I truly recommend this product if you suffer from sleep disorders too or back pain. Also it tasted very good too not like other brands I’ve tried.

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