PRE-ROLLS .6 Gram Premium BC Bud*

2 per pack:$12.50

Premium BC Bud Pre-roll .6 gm

Available in 2/pack (2) ,   2 x 2/pack (4),   3 x 2/pack(6)

Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid created by GG Strains. Be cautious, has her THC levels can reach 25%. Gorilla Glue 4 is recommended for indoor growing. This weed produces beautiful buds that taste like coffee and strongly smells of diesel. Gorilla Glue 4 marijuana is good for day and morning time medical and recreational use due to strong uplifting properties.

Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis strain is a cross between Sour Dubb and Chem Sister.

Type of High
Gorilla Glue #4 marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by sedation. Energizes the mind, prompts giggles, uplifts mood, alleviates depression. Relaxes the body, relieves stress and nausea, has strong analgesic properties.

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